Maschera - Denti (animale), Legno, Metallo - BETE - Costa d'Avorio / Liberia

Maschera - Denti (animale), Legno, Metallo - BETE - Costa d'Avorio / Liberia
Condizioni discrete

- Private collection, London, UK

Bete carvers are renowned for one particular type of face mask, the Gre or Nyabwa , which
has exaggerated, grimacing distorted features – a large protruding mouth, facial
protuberances, bulging forehead, elongated nose, with nostrils sometimes extending to
each side of the face, and globular or bulging slit eyes set beneath a high-domed forehead
carved with a medium ridge. In earlier days, this mask presided over the ceremony held
when peace was restored after armed conflicts and it participated in sessions of customary
justice. This type of mask was also worn to prepare men for war; the masks offered magical
protection by instilling fear and terror in potential enemies. Nowadays, it is worn for a variety
of ceremonies, including entertainment dances.

Shipping via Royal Mail (unless requested otherwise) within 24hrs after payment is received. Tracking number will be provided. Signature upon delivery. Fully insured.

Dettagli lotto
Regione / Paese
Costa d'Avorio / Liberia
Denti (animale), Legno, Metallo
Condizioni discrete
Con supporto incluso
34×19×21 cm
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