Masque Kplé Kplé - Legno - Costa d'Avorio - Prima metà XX secolo

Masque Kplé Kplé - Legno - Costa d'Avorio - Prima metà XX secolo
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Kple-Kple Mask of the Goli Ceremony
Baule Culture, Ivory Coast
First half of the 20th century
Wood and pigments.
Height: 34 cm; Width: 22 cm; Depth: 8 cm.
(minor damages)

Wooden mask in a circular form, topped by two horns, curved into an arch. The face is smooth, pigmented with red. Only the eyes and mouth present a slight relief. The mouth is rectangular and punctuated with beige dots, depicting the teeth. The eyes are formed by two black pupils, framed by two little drops painted in beige ochre. The latter are topping two triangular perforations, enabling the dancer to see. The top part of the mask presents a little collar.

This mask danced during the Goli ceremony - rites celebrating good crops, paying tribute to important visitors, or at someone’s death.
The rounded face refers to the sun, whereas the horns remind an antelope or a buffalo.

Dettagli lotto
Prima metà XX secolo
Costa d'Avorio
Buone condizioni
34×22×8 cm
Nome dell’oggetto indigeno
Cérémonie Goli
Masque Kplé Kplé
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