Joseph Beuys - 3-Tonnen-Edition, gestempelt

Joseph Beuys - 3-Tonnen-Edition, gestempelt
Serigrafia su film in PVC - Firmato a mano

Joseph Beuys: 3-Tonnen-Edition (3to) (1973) unique, very rare foil.
Stamped, numbered with roman numerals, signed and a.p. (!)

I have been collecting Beuys for thirty years and I am not aware of any 3to. foils
that Beuys marked with a.p.
This film is with absolute certainty an artist's copy from Beuys' personal
possession. On these a.p. foils Beuys experimented with how he could process the foils.

Unlike the "normal" foils, this one is stamped (main stream); roman numbered;
Signed and marked with a.p.
Short marginal note: Beuys stacked the still wet foils so that ink and
stamp were transferred. This copy has a small dot of the
gold colour or brown cross colour of an overpainted foil on the front.

Silkscreen print, both sides on PVC foil in original size of approx. 45.5 x 46 cm.
Publisher: Edition Staeck, Heidelberg
Literature: Schellmann, pp. 107-111
Gerd Krämer:"Das Unterwasserbuch", pp.55 & 56, slide 28
Very good condition. Working with a pencil on a black background can only be recognised in
backlight or direct lighting. However, it is in absolutely
perfect condition.

Dettagli lotto
Joseph Beuys
Titolo dell'opera
3-Tonnen-Edition, gestempelt
Serigrafia su film in PVC
Firmato a mano
Come nuovo
Dimensioni dell’immagine
45×46 cm
Venduto con cornice
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