Nikon Fisheye-NIKKOR Auto 8mm Ai f/2.8 objectief

Nikon Fisheye-NIKKOR Auto 8mm Ai f/2.8 objectief
Obiettivo fisheye - Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)

Very exclusive Nikon lens.
Great construction, both optically and mechanically.
In beautiful condition, the lens is 100% clean and mint glass, 100% working.
The exterior is also in very neat condition.
The lens can be used for creative photography, for example for variety during a trip or wedding reportage, but also technical applications such as architecture and 360-degree photography are well-known applications.

- 180-degree angle of view
- Diaphragm goes from 2.8 to 22.
- The close focus is only 30 cm from the film plane, so right in front of the lens the subject is already sharp!
- Integrated filter system with 5 filters!
(Skylight UV, Medium Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange, Red)

- Original metal Nikon lens cap, specifically for this fisheye lens
- Printed explanation of this lens

This 8mm f/2.8 has been Nikon's standard fisheye lens since 1970. Approx. 10,000 were made worldwide. The last one was made in 1997.
The Nikon 8mm f / 2.8 creates a circular image with a diameter of 23.2 mm and can be used on both analogue and digital cameras with full-frame FX as well as Cropped DX sensors and therefore it is suitable for almost any Nikon reflex.

Serial number: 241104

Dettagli lotto
Numero di modello/tipo
Fisheye-NIKKOR Auto 8mm Ai f/2.8 objectief
Tipo di oggetto/dispositivo
Obiettivo fisheye
Molto buono (usato e funzionante con lievi segni d'uso)
N° di dispositivi principali
Tipo di attacco dell’obiettivo
Nikon AI
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