Divinità di Avalokiteshvara - Bronzo - Tibet - Fine XX secolo

Divinità di Avalokiteshvara - Bronzo - Tibet - Fine XX secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 26×19×6 cm

By placing a bid on this lot, you are committing to a legally binding purchase and acknowledge having read the description and viewed all photographs related to it and its current condition. Antique items are not new and may show general signs of age-related wear.

Where applicable, it is common industry practice to heat/treat gemstones to enhance their colour. This has not been checked for this particular item.

So that we may ship your items quicker to you, we kindly request payment as soon as possible. We have no control over shipping time - some destinations may take slightly longer to arrive depending on current context circumstances.

Many more upcoming jewellery pieces for sale with offered combined postage (please pay for 1 item first and then let us know if you have won any others so that we may modify postage costs).

Will be sent registered and insured Royal Mail.

Dettagli lotto
Divinità di Avalokiteshvara
Fine XX secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
26×19×6 cm
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