Anatolian Nomad Mersin Mut Cicim - Kelim - 251 cm - 102 cm

Anatolian Nomad Mersin Mut Cicim - Kelim - 251 cm - 102 cm
lana - Turchia - Prima metà del 20° secolo

A fine hand knotted Anatolian Sivas Cicim Kelim
App. 70-80 years
honeycomb model
This kelim is unique. Exactly same does not exist.
different colours used in perfect harmony together with an unusual design.
by weaving used natural Kirmen wool rope. This Kirman wool rope processed by traditional way. weavers with hand made wooden tool kirmen, first pull the raw wool by hand, turning the kirmen with another hand to form the yarn.
Natural dyes are vegetable dyes from plant sources
beautiful color combination and patterns.
On this kelim there are cultural and Anatolian traditional elements represented on the symbolic motifs
Weaved by traditional way and weavers own tastes and feelings at the moment.
Weavers express their feelings, identity with symbol, stamp motif and colors on the kelim and transfer them to the next generation.
The main purpose of art is to save human life from crowd and ordinary, and to focus on clarity and beauty. It is the pursuit of beauty or the search of beauty in works that people think and create.
Anatolian Kelims are one of the very important visual document of art reflecting of Turkish culture.

Dettagli lotto
Anatolian Nomad Mersin Mut Cicim
251 cm
102 cm
Paese d’origine
Periodo di produzione
Prima metà del 20° secolo
In buone condizioni generali con tracce di invecchiamento e usura
Tappeto pulito professionalmente
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