François Louis Thomas Francia (1772–1839) - Havengezicht st. Malo

François Louis Thomas Francia (1772–1839) - Havengezicht st. Malo
Acquerello - Firmato a mano - Rond 1820

François Louis Thomas Francia (1772–1839) was a French watercolour painter born in Calais and famous for his coastal landscapes. He spent much of the first part of his life in England.

Francia was born in Calais on 21 December 1772 and was brought to London at a young age by his father, a refugee. He worked for some time as an assistant to a drawing master named Barrow, who was the teacher of John Varley. He showed a total of 85 works at the Royal Academy between 1795 and 1821 (including).

Francia's earlier drawings are broad and simple in execution, rich, but gloomy in colour, like Girtin's; but his later work, while still retaining its broadness and harmony, is brighter and lighter in tone and more subtle in use. Although he painted different kinds of landscapes, his favourite subjects were coastal scenes, which he executed with true to nature and with beautiful sky effects.
He was an excellent draughtsman of boats and shipping industry, and some of his drawings were engraved to illustrate a book of sketches of shipping by Edward William Cooke. He was one of the first and most talented English watercolourists.

The watercolour shown in this description did belong to a private collection.

Dettagli lotto
François Louis Thomas Francia (1772–1839)
Titolo dell'opera
Havengezicht st. Malo
Rond 1820
Firmato a mano
In buone condizioni generali con tracce di invecchiamento e usura
Venduto con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
26×48 cm
Dimensioni totali
49×71×3 cm
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