Giada Jadeite - 58.68 ct

Giada Jadeite - 58.68 ct
Ciondolo a forma di cavallo - I.G.E. Certificate

Report: I.G.E. (Instituto Gemólogico Español).
Report Nº D-26686
Species: Jade
Variety: Jadeite
Color: greenish
Weight: 58.68 ct
Transparency: Opaque
Shape & Cutting style: Horse-form pendant cut.
Cut grade: Very Good
Measurements: 40.33 x 24.38 x 6.06 mm
Origin: China
Country of Origin as expressed herein, is only based on a spontaneous declaration of the seller, agreed as possible from the expert, although not substantiated by an oficial expert opinion from the Gemological Laboratory issuing the report.
Refractive index: 1.652-1.688
Hardness: 6.5-7.0 Mohs scale
Internal Reference: DVGMCW410
Treatment: no indications of treatment have been found. Wax impregnated surface to protect it.
The color saturation could appear different depending on the light source (natural sunny daylight or incandescent light inside a lightbox).
Shipping method: It will be well packaged and registered shipping via Correos. Any extra expenses due to your country's customs office will be responsibility for the buyer.

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Giada Jadeite
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Ciondolo a forma di cavallo
I.G.E. Certificate
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