Tanzanite - 2.13 ct

Tanzanite - 2.13 ct
Ovale - IGE (Madrid)

Clean Lustrous Tanzanite.

Weight: 2.13 ct.
Size: 9.85 x 7.74 x 3.94 mm
Shape: Oval.
Color: Violetish Blue.
Clarity: Eye clean.
Treatment: Tanzanite is commonly heated to improve its color.
IGE Certificate D-25302
Sending via registered insured mail with tracking number

About currently Tanzanite Mining Situation:
As of now Tanzania Goverment is not allowing any mining at Merelani Mines (only known source of Tanzanite in the world). They have built a 25km wall around the mine, and will build a fort to guard it. It is unknown when all these works will be completed, and when the Goverment of Tanzania will permit to mine again in the area. Until then there won´t be any new Tanzanite gemstones entering the market, except for old stocks already mined.

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IGE (Madrid)
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