Golden Orange Topazio imperiale - 2.52 ct

Golden Orange Topazio imperiale - 2.52 ct
Ovale - IGE (Madrid)

Imperial Topaz faceted oval pair.
Weight: 1.35 + 1.17 = 2.52 ct
Size: 7.85 x 5.95 x 3.60 mm and 8.03 x 6.10 x 3.07 mm. Calibrated 6 x 8 mm.
Clarity: Transparent, Clean.
Color: Golden-orange color. Full of fire and luster.
Treatment: No indication of any enhancements/treatments. 100% Natural.
IGE Certificate no. D-24367.
Top Pair - Top Gem - Clean - Golden Orange Color - Rarest Topaz - 100% Natural - Calibrated 6 x 8 mm - can be usefulf for mountings.
Rarest natural Topaz, often called precious Topaz, Brazilian origin. Imperial Topaz embodies a gem’s quintessential ideals: genuine rarity, breathtaking beauty, and everyday durability; making it one of the world’s most coveted and valuable gemstones.
Shipment: track-able and insured.
Duties and Taxes: Buyer,s responsibility.
Pictures taken under natural daylight with magnification, to display as accurately as possible, Tried our best to capture as real colors as possible, but it may slightly differ.

Dettagli lotto
Topazio imperiale
Peso totale in carati
Taglio e forma
IGE (Madrid)
Golden Orange
Nessuna indicazione di trattamento
Trasparente (puro)
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