Caroline Mercier - Demeter

Caroline Mercier - Demeter
Serigrafia - Firmato a mano - 3/10

Limited edition of original oil on canvas, signed on the back and delivered with certificate of authenticity
Support: Fine Art

Caroline Mercier, Born in 1981 in Toulouse, France
A complete artist, self-taught in her paintings and drawings of horses, Caroline Mercier is also a photographer.
"The horse has been with me since I was a child. Because I couldn't ride them before the age of 11, I drew them.
Like nature, they are essential to my life as much as the air I breathe. They help me to think freely when I feel cramped and allow me to go deep inside.
"Le Cheval" is a Master who teaches me simplicity, to give way to the freedom of emotions to reconnect with the essential.
Thus they live in me. »
"One day when I was listening, a horse whispered to me: "To those who dominate, I offer my strength and my speed, but to those who tame me I open the doors of my magic because I am more than a means, I am the initiator" So, a little surprised , I left with him. First to adventure to go to where heaven and earth merge, then to search for him. And there, stunned, he took me on the paths of my own conscience. As if he wanted to open my eyes to myself after opening them to me about the world... »
Author: Stéphane Bijo – Alpha du Centaure

Caroline Mercier's original oil paintings are characterized by vivid realism. Although figurative, the details are applied in a fluid way giving a sense of living and movement to the viewer.
He took part in many exhibitions and salons, including!
Alliance Française (Cultural Embassy of France)
2002 stamps from REUNION
- Galerie du Philosophe, Carla Bayle, FRANCE - 2012
- Galerie du Carrousel, Toulon, FRANCE - 2012
- Art international gallery broadcast, Le Lavandou,
FRANCE -2015
- Art and Haras, FRANCE - 2013-2018
- Art Center Horus, Sint-Martens-Laethem I Knokke-le-
Zoute, Belgium - 2018 - 2019 - 2020
Permanent artist
- Galerie Philippe HEIM - BRUSSELS
St-Pierre Gallery - DEAUVILLE (Jumping
International LONGINES ) 2019 Permanent Artist
- Portraitist at the Haras de la Gesse
Boulogne on GESSE (racehorses)

Dettagli lotto
Caroline Mercier
Titolo dell'opera
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni dell’immagine
38×28 cm
Venduto con cornice
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