Hollandse School (19/20e eeuw) Naar Ferdinand Bol - Portret van Elizabeth Bas

Hollandse School (19/20e eeuw) Naar Ferdinand Bol - Portret van Elizabeth Bas
Acquerello - Firma sulla piastra posteriore - Onbekend

Beautiful large watercolour on hand-scooped paper. It depicts Elizabeth Bas. Amsterdam business woman ( 1571-1649). Made by a very good watercolourist after the famous painting of Ferdinand Bol from the 17th century. The quality of this master watercolourist is evident from the way in which the face, in particular, the eyes are placed on the paper. The watercolour is pasted on a piece of cardboard, which protects the paper against the old cardboard back plate. Nice old frame from the early 1900s. Well framed and has never been removed from the frame. It was taken from the frame to take pictures. 2 small spots on the forehead have been updated (is not very noticeable.) Furthermore, the watercolour is fresh and in very good condition. The antique frame is reminiscent of turtle but is made of wood. On the back plate is a stamp of an art dealer named atelier special dencadrements Gustave Spruyt, 100 Rue en Bruul MALINES (Mechelen Belgium).
Underneath is an old white stamp with a difficult to read signature and date (see the photos).

Will be sent by registered and insured mail.

Dettagli lotto
Hollandse School (19/20e eeuw) Naar Ferdinand Bol
Titolo dell'opera
Portret van Elizabeth Bas
Firma sulla piastra posteriore
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
1714 g
Dimensioni dell’immagine
32×25 cm
Dimensioni totali
44×37×4 cm
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