Collana-bracciale - .800 argento, .925 argento - Ciondolo: Navajo - Nord America - Java, Indonesia

Collana-bracciale - .800 argento, .925 argento - Ciondolo: Navajo - Nord America - Java, Indonesia
Buone condizioni

Silver Navajo necklace and Djokja cuff bracelet.

The pendant is set with cabochon cut turquoise and blood coral in a pretty setting with leaf and flower motifs.

The bracelet depicts a Wajang puppet. Indian heritage from Kota Gede, better known as the Silver Street of Yogyakarta. Made by Javanese smiths in Kota Gede. The embossing technique was used in making the bracelet.

Dimensions pendant: 48 x 37 mm.
Measurements of the turquoise: 19 x 7 mm - 12 x 12 mm - 10 x 8 mm.
Measurements of the precious coral: 8 x 6 mm.

Bracelet measurements: 42 x 65 x 52 mm.

Quality: For your own impression, take a look at the photos.
Gemstones are often treated in order to improve their colour or clarity. For this specific item, this has not been investigated.

Lot number 17-116.

All our items are shipped by registered mail. You can also pick up this lot in our showroom in Klaaswaal. If you have specific wishes regarding the shipment, you can contact us via your Catawiki account.

Dettagli lotto
Ciondolo: Navajo
Nord America - Java, Indonesia
.800 argento, .925 argento
Buone condizioni
Venduto con supporto
48×3.7×6.2 cm
69.6 g
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