Aubrey Beardsley (naar) - Illustratie voor 'Salomé' van Oscar Wilde

Aubrey Beardsley (naar) - Illustratie voor 'Salomé' van Oscar Wilde
Giclée - Non firmato - 1894

Beautiful giclée of a drawing that Aubrey Beardsley made in 1894 for the book 'Salomé' by Oscar Wilde. This high-quality artificial print is printed on 185 grams of hand-laid Torchon watercolour paper.

Condition: excellent, see photos.

Registered shipment (in tube).

* Salomé (also Salome) is a one-act play by The Irish writer Oscar Wilde.

The play is about the biblical story that appears in Matthew 14 and Mark 6. However, the name Salomé is not mentioned in these Bible stories, but by Flavius Josephus (Ancient history of the Jews, 18.5.4:136). The tetrarch Herod Antipas asks his stepdaughter Salomé to dance for him during a party. In return, she may ask him for whatever she wants. She agrees to dance the dance of the seven veils and in return asks for, partly at the instigation of her mother Herodias, the head of John the Baptist (Jokanaan). [Source: Wikipedia]

Dettagli lotto
Aubrey Beardsley (naar)
Titolo dell'opera
Illustratie voor 'Salomé' van Oscar Wilde
Non firmato
In ottime condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
27×20 cm
Dimensioni totali
32×25×0 cm
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