Aubrey Beardsley (naar) - Illustratie voor 'Le Morte d'Arthur' van Sir Thomas Malory

Aubrey Beardsley (naar) - Illustratie voor 'Le Morte d'Arthur' van Sir Thomas Malory
Giclée - Non firmato - 1893

Beautiful giclée of a drawing that Aubrey Beardsley made for the book 'Le Morte d'Arthur' by Sir Thomas Mallory which was published in 1893. This print was printed on 185 grams of hand-laid Torchon watercolour paper, uncropped.

Condition: excellent, see photos.

Registered shipment (in tube).

* Le Morte d'Arthur, or Le Morte Darthur as the spelling of the first edition from 1485 was, a spelling also used in later (scientific) publications, is a series of stories about King Arthur, composed and written by Sir Thomas Malory.

The title is in old French and means the death of Arthur. According to Stephen H. A. Shepherd, the article le (instead of la) is a mistake by Malory. In modern French, it is La mort d'Arthur.

Little is known for sure about Malory. If he were Thomas Malory or Newbold Revell, he would have written the work in part during his captivity. This Malory was repeatedly convicted of various crimes between 1451 and 1460 and possibly again.

Malory relied on French sources known to him and a single English one, to which he gave his own interpretation. He would have completed the work around 1470. A version, possibly not the original manuscript, was owned by William Caxton, the first English printer, who published the work in 1485, when Malory was probably already dead.

Aubrey Beardsley illustrated the edition that was published in 1893/94 at Dent & Sons, London. [Source: Wikipedia]

Dettagli lotto
Aubrey Beardsley (naar)
Titolo dell'opera
Illustratie voor 'Le Morte d'Arthur' van Sir Thomas Malory
Non firmato
In ottime condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
36×20 cm
Dimensioni totali
41×25×0 cm
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