Michel Suret-Canale - L'île de Ré

Michel Suret-Canale - L'île de Ré
Olio su tela - Firmato, Firmato a mano, Timbro dell'artista - 2020

By Michel Suret-Canale, beautiful original painting on large canvas, classic French format, made with very fine colours on a canvas made by Berges. This landscape is characteristic of the style of this artist of the school of Paris. It is also characterized by the high quality of the grey shades work giving great depth to the painting and making it change depending on the light and the time of the day, making it very alive. The paint is varnished and the finish is satin. Michel Suret-Canale fell in love with the island of Ré that he has frequented since childhood and where he often painted on the motif. You will find a lot of information about this painter (born in Paris in 600 and present in more than 35 private collections in 35 countries) by entering ‘Michel Suret-Canale’ on Google
The painting is certified on the back and bears the studio wax stamp.

Dettagli lotto
Michel Suret-Canale
Titolo dell'opera
L'île de Ré
Olio su tela
Firmato, Firmato a mano, Timbro dell'artista
Dimensioni dell’immagine
73×60 cm
Dimensioni totali
730×600×3 mm
Venduto con cornice
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