"Sant'Elena l'imperatrice" - Barocco - Olio Su Tela Su Pannello - XVIII secolo

"Sant'Elena l'imperatrice" - Barocco - Olio Su Tela Su Pannello - XVIII secolo
Scuola europea

This is a rare and important Baroque European School oil on canvas on panel depicting Saint Helena The Empress, Mother Of Saint Constantine The Great. The painting dates to the 18th century.

In the painting, Saint Helena is depicted holding a Crucifix, one of the attributions she is mainly depicted with, this is because Saint Helena found pieces of The Holy Crucifix. As well as this, there is a Snake and a Cat, a miracle that the Saint was involved in, with two cherubic heads in the clouds.

Saint Helena is regarded as a very important Christian Saint who discovered several Holy Relics, amongst them, parts of Jesus Christs tunic, pieces of The Holy Cross as well as the rope in which Jesus was tied with.

Accounts of Saint Helena's life indicate that She is responsible for the large population of cats in Cyprus. At the time, the Saint imported many hundreds of cats from Egypt and Palestine in the fourth century to rid a monastery of snakes. The monastery is now known as 'Saint Nicholas Of The Cats' and is located near Limassol, Cyprus.

Overall a rare and important painting with not many in existence. The only one I have been able to find after much research.

The painting is framed. Overall, in very good condition considering its age.

Approximate dimensions:

75 x 56 cm with frame
65 x 45 cm without frame

Dettagli lotto
"Sant'Elena l'imperatrice"
Olio Su Tela Su Pannello
Periodo stimato
XVIII secolo
Paese d’origine
Scuola europea
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età e macchie.
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