B&O - Beovox S30 , Excellent - Set casse

B&O - Beovox S30 , Excellent - Set casse
Eccellenti condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 2 - Inclusi: Set casse - Cavi

BeoVox S 30 speaker set in very nice condition.

These speakers were according to the uniphase principle, which meant that
the high and low tones could be heard simultaneously without phase difference.
The cabinets almost have no signs of wear.

The cloths are in neat condition and the speaker edges themselves as well. The grain of the wood continues nicely in the corners.

The sound is particularly deep and clear.
Can be connected to nearly any amplifier.
Placement on the ground as well as on the wall.

30 (50) watts on 4-8 ohms
Manufactured: 1975 - 1982
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Rosewood
Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 18cm

Visually: 9
Technically: 10.

Weight: per speaker 4.7 kg
Weight including the packaging material: approx. 9.7 kg

This item will be well packaged and protected.

Dettagli lotto
Beovox S30 , Excellent
Tipo di apparecchiatura
Set casse
Eccellenti condizioni
Numero di articoli
9.5 kg
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