Scrooge McDuck - Original Drawing - Millet - Prima edizione

Scrooge McDuck - Original Drawing - Millet - Prima edizione
Millet - Pari al nuovo - 1 Disegno originale

This lot includes:
- 1 original drawing drawn with pen and watercolour paint on thick paper.
- Size: 23 x 34 cm
- Hand signed by Disney artist
- Follow Millet on Instagram:

José María Millet López (AKA Millet) is a Spanish artist who was for many years drawing for Disney Studios many different characters. He has drawn for the Danish Disney publisher Egmont since 1984 to 2010. He has illustrated various 'Donald Duck' stories, as well as 'Mad Madam Mim' and the 'Beagle Boys' for Anders And & Co. Besides being a comic artist, he is also a painter.

He started out illustrating many stories written by Dutch editors Jos Beekman, Ferdi Felderhof and Bas Schuddeboom for the magazine Donald Duck Junior. For the regular Dutch Donald Duck weekly, he has drawn stories with ‘Donald Duck’, as well as the first Dutch ‘Bambi’ story.

Millet is specialized in some specific Disney characters like Scrooge, Donald and Mickey.

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Scrooge McDuck
Original Drawing - Millet
Pari al nuovo
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