Viet Ha Tran - Passionate Energy

Viet Ha Tran - Passionate Energy
Acrilico su tela - Firmato a mano - 2020

Acrylic painting on premium canvas. Acrylic pouring techniques were used to create this abstract piece. The painting is signed at the back and a certificate of authenticity is included. .

Vietnamese artist based in Madrid, Spain. Viet Ha Tran describes her acrylic abstract paintings as "explosion of gentle emotions". Combining her Asian soul with her artistic upbringing in the Spanish capital, Viet Ha's paintings are passionate and vivid in colours yet there is a strong sense of peace and deep calming of the heart. Strong influence of Japanese arts and culture due to her education and background in Japan.

Viet Ha is one of the most popular fine artists amongst auction houses in Spain. She started her artistic career with photography and later with acrylic painting. She is represented by galleries, luxury cruises, auction houses from Madrid, Barcelona, Paris to Tel Aviv, Beijing, New Delhi, Bangkok, Los Angeles. Her photographic works "Like a Painting of Autumn" and "Ecosystem" appeared at a public auction in Spain in 2015 alongside works by Banksy, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, represented by Duran Auction House, Spain's No.1 auction house. Her painterly photographs have appeared in Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair France, The Times of India, The Hindu, Expansión, El Economista, The Statesman, Vietnam News, at Saatchi Gallery London, and have been auctioned by Christie’s Hong Kong for charity.

Viet Ha is also Exhibition Manager at IE University (Spain) and Jury Member of IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities IE University since 2016. She has given lectures on art and the art market at various conferences in Spain. You can follow her art news at instagram @viethatranart

Dettagli lotto
Viet Ha Tran
Titolo dell'opera
Passionate Energy
Acrilico su tela
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni dell’immagine
40×30 cm
Dimensioni totali
40×30×2 cm
Venduto con cornice
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