St. Lukas Utrecht - Vaso

St. Lukas Utrecht - Vaso
Paesi Bassi - 1890-1919 - Terracotta

St. Lukas Utrecht
high 28 cm wide 20 cm size vase 66 cm

St. Lukas Utrecht was founded in 1909 by the brothers-in-law G.J.D. Offermans and A.S. Enthoven. In its heyday, the factory produced extremely high quality decorative pottery and specialised in (gold) lustre glazes.
Offermans, who was previously employed at De Porceleyne Fles in Delft and at Haga in Purmerend, had made a name for herself with his pottery with lustre glaze made to perfection. This very expensive glaze method, in which the products were provided with an iridescent layer by adding gold or silver powder to the enamel mixture, was also applied during Offermans' time at St. Lukas. The lustre glaze was combined with decorations of flora and fauna and is therefore strongly reminiscent of Japanese pottery from the late 19th, early 20th century.
The high production cost resulted in a small but international market for the factory and it dependent on capital injections from shareholders. After The Death of Offermans in 1914, the factory went under pottery painter J.C. Heytze over to the production of simpler pottery, with sobered decorations. The factory closed in 1923 and continued as the Heytze and Seinstra company. The production of lustre pottery was completely discontinued when the factory was sold to shareholders in 1927 and moved to Maarssen. They produced simple, reducing the market to regional proportions, with the result that the factory was forced to close its doors for good in 1933. 

Dettagli lotto
St. Lukas Utrecht
Epoca stimata
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
28×20×28 cm
2 kg
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