Jessica Gonpra. Artista internacional. - Stigma

Jessica Gonpra. Artista internacional. - Stigma
Acrilico su tela - Firmato - 2017

Work belonging to the collection "Hijos de una misma tierra" by the artist Jessica Gonpra, which has been exhibited in different galleries such as Galicia and selected as a finalist in an international competition.
Work that is directly linked to the first concept in the series.
Brief description
Jessica González Prados (1988, Barcelona) is a plastic artist based in Seville. She completed her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Master's degree in Art: Idea and Production. Awarded with the Medal of Fine Arts for the best academic record of master's degree 2013-2014.
Under the name "Jessica Gonpra" she has been part of important pictorial, illustrative and performance projects, editing two books. In the words of the Barcelona gallerist: "The works of Gonpra stand out for their social denunciation fruit of the emotional implication of the artist in defence of the human rights
across the board”.
Currently published in the book of emerging artists FLAMANTES: "Artists Under 35" group of artists from around the world that aims to name a generation.
Publication of artistic books:
-"Enfoque contemporáneo de los desastres de la guerra".
-Publication of the manual "Dibujo artístico I. Técnicas y tácticas”
-Publication of book London project: "Oneself and another"
-She has to her credit:
Among which stand out groups in a gallery in Linares, Orense, a joint in Seville, Galleries in Madrid, galleries in Barcelona, two art fairs and two group exhibitions in London, one of
them in a central London gallery; Contemporary art fair in the south of France, the Claret Barcelona Foundation and the RECUORE´16 International Festival at the Museum of León.
*Artistic awards:
1st Prize for Painting "Noche en Blanco" (San Fernando, 2019), Third prize for the "Miradas de Murillo" painting contest, Preselection in the most prestigious portrait competition internationally, first prize for ArtMaster Dynamic Art Contest international in Griffio art gallery, First prize National Poetry, First Prize painting Fast Painting Contest in the population of Huelva, 6th Honorable Mention in the Fast Painting Contest Población de Sevilla
*Five solo exhibitions
*Twelve collective exhibitions:
Standing out as a finalist in several international competitions such as Mod Portrait 2019 to other of the previously mentioned groups, international virtual samples such as Art Noise: Mostra Internacionale and Global Warming: vision of the future; Gades Synergy in Cadiz, sala d'Exposicions "Lluisa Franch", DIPUTACIÓN DE GUADALAJARA, José Lapayese (Two museums;
Casa de la Provincia; San Sebastián), contemporary art collective at the Claret Foundation, "El video en el aula 2013" Cicus Sevilla, Collective "Dame algo" Sevilla Faculty BBAA
*Intervention with artist Lotty Rosenfelt. Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC)
* Twenty-seven selections at international, national and Andalusian level: highlighting Mod Portrait, Cerezo Moreno, BP Portrait
* Illustration of two books - 1st / 2nd edition "La cárcel del cuerpo" (Author Dr. Ignacio Jáuregui)
*Poster, logo and theatre backdrop
*Intervention with artist Lotty Rosenfelt. Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC)
*Thirty selections at the international, national and andalusian level.
*Institutions in possession of the artist's work:
- Museo de Alcalá de Guadaira
- Ayuntamiento de San Fernando
- Helvetia and COPE
- City Hall of la Palma del Condado
* Illustration of two books - 1st / 2nd edition "La cárcel del cuerpo" (Author Dr. Ignacio Jáuregui)
*Poster, logo and theatre backdrop

Dettagli lotto
Jessica Gonpra. Artista internacional.
Titolo dell'opera
Acrilico su tela
Dimensioni dell’immagine
100×81 cm
Venduto con cornice
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