Jonathan A Barber - Who is Alexa - Perfect Storm

Jonathan A Barber - Who is Alexa - Perfect Storm
Serigrafia, Vetro - Firmato a mano - 20 ex.

‘Who is Alexa’ is a series of 6 works by North East artist Jonathan A Barber, exploring evolving artificial intelligence.

This piece is available as the final work in the series and is titled ‘Perfect Storm’. Depicting the potential consequences of uncontrolled artificial intelligences.

The piece is screen printed on 15mm pure low-iron flow glass (1070 x 1070), with an industrial frame and set off the wall by approximately 40mm.

The room ambience and light dramatically effect how the image is viewed. The metallic ink can be striking as well as appearing to project a 3D profile. This particular piece is best represented on a darker wall.

Each of the 6 pieces is limited to 20. This edition is number 15/20. Signed, tilted and with numbered.

The work is 45kg and must be professionally installed.

Dettagli lotto
Jonathan A Barber
Titolo dell'opera
Who is Alexa - Perfect Storm
Serigrafia, Vetro
Firmato a mano
20 ex.
Dimensioni dell’immagine
1070×1070 mm
Dimensioni totali
1070×1070×40 mm
Venduto con cornice
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