Massey - Ambrotipo, ritratto di un uomo

Massey - Ambrotipo, ritratto di un uomo
Inghilterra - Ca. 1860 - Pelle, velluto

A very beautiful portrait of an English dignitary from circa 1860. Ambrotype photography. The portrait is behind glass and is in exceptionally good condition given its age. The photo has a hand-painted detail: a gold chain is attached to the man's white shirt.

The photo is in a leather box, the inside is lined with green velvet. Also this is in good condition. Originally the two parts were attached to each other, that is no longer the case (see photos please). However, the two parts can still be merged by means of the closure on the outside.

On the back is the text ‘Massey. 14 High Holborn'. High Holborn is a street in London.

The lot will be carefully packaged and shipped with Track and Trace.

Dettagli lotto
Ambrotipo, ritratto di un uomo
Pelle, velluto
Produttore / Marchio
Periodo stimato
Ca. 1860
Paese d’origine
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età e macchie.
13.8×23.8×1 cm
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