Adolf Kaufmann (1848-1916) - Gitaarspeler aan het hof

Adolf Kaufmann (1848-1916) - Gitaarspeler aan het hof
Olio su pannello - Firmato a mano - 1880-1890

Extremely rare work (in style of or) by Adolf Kaufmann (1848-1916) (signed under pseudonym: G. Salvi). Work is very nicely framed and has beautiful colours. In good condition (some minor local craquelure). Provenance private collection the Netherlands Adolf Kaufmann completed his studies with Emile van Marcke de Lummen (1827–1890) in Paris and took numerous study trips within Europe and through the Orient. Because of his excellent talent, Kaufmann quickly enjoyed a good reputation in Paris. He received numerous medals as awards and prizes, especially at the Paris World's Fair. Countless of art lovers bought his paintings. As a member of the Vienna academy of fine arts, he was regularly represented at the major exhibitions at the Vienna Künstlerhaus, at the Glass Palace in Munich and in the Great Berlin Art Exhibition from 1890 to 1913. Kaufmann's paintings were mostly bought by representatives of the aristocracy for people such as Napoleon III, Archduke Friedrich and Tsar Nicholas II. Kauffman taught art to women in Vienna for a period of time together with the painters Carl Freiherr von Merode (1853–1909) and Heinrich Lefler. The painting will be sent by insured and registered mail.

Dettagli lotto
Adolf Kaufmann (1848-1916)
Titolo dell'opera
Gitaarspeler aan het hof
Olio su pannello
Firmato a mano
In condizioni generali abbastanza buone con tracce di invecchiamento
Vendita con cornice
4 kg
Dimensioni dell’immagine
39×25 cm
Dimensioni totali
55×40×4 cm
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