Maschera per cani 'Suga' - Legno - Mambila - Nigeria

Maschera per cani 'Suga' - Legno - Mambila - Nigeria
metà del XX secolo - Vintage - usato con visibili segni di usura

This carved wood mask does not represent a single, identifiable animal. It is composed of elements from different animals and represents a "bush spirit," emphasizing that it has no counterpart on earth. It is a thing of the "bush" – and things of the bush are male and ungovernable. The mask represents a hybrid animal and bears some of the classic details of a bovine and a dog's head. This mask is wonderful for its creativity. The top of the mask is punctuated by eyes that have been carved with great originality. The patina is brown and crusty.

Dated to the 1940's.
Dimensions: approx. 33X15X16 cm.
Please note that the base is not included in the sale.

This item comes with a signed and stamped certificate confirming its authenticity. All our lots are appraised and checked by Jos Humblet. Mr. Humblet (°1954, Brussels) graduated in 1978 as Master of Art at St. Lukas in Brussels. From 1978 until 1993 he worked at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, where he specialised in formal analysis of works of art. Mr. Humblet started collecting tribal art in 1980 and became a dealer in 1995, specialising in art from Kongo, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad.

This lot will be packed with the utmost care and shipped with DHL Express.

Dettagli lotto
Maschera per cani 'Suga'
metà del XX secolo
Vintage - usato con visibili segni di usura
Venduto con supporto
33×15×16 cm
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