SIKHOTE ALIN Meteorite (Russia, 1947). Individuale. Qualità eccellente! - 14.5 g

SIKHOTE ALIN Meteorite (Russia, 1947). Individuale. Qualità eccellente! - 14.5 g
Sikhote Mountains Alin, Russia

On 12th February 1947, an asteroid of iron nature went through the Earth's atmosphere, causing the largest meteorite shower in the last few decades. Sikhote-Alin meteorites are considered the ‘Iron Maiden’, since they are usually pieces of great beauty, full of regmaglypts or flow lines.

The traces on the meteorites from this meteorite fall tend to be very beautiful, and they look like the marks that fingers would have left on a block of clay when pressing it. On the other hand, the flow lines are a kind of fine metal ‘threads’ visible on some areas as a result of the metal that melts when the meteorite enters through the atmosphere of our planet.

One of the people who witnessed this fall was the Soviet painter artist P. I. Medvedev, who was sitting at his window starting a sketch when a fire ball appeared, so he immediately began to draw what he saw. His painting has been used in stamps commemorating the fall of the famous Sikhote-Alin meteorite.

The specimen in this lot has the classic features of this meteorite, with high quality marks... Exceptional quality and a good size for a great collection.

We are members of the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association). We guarantee the authenticity of all our meteorites. Buy with guarantees. With a certificate.


Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
SIKHOTE ALIN Meteorite (Russia, 1947).
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Individuale. Qualità eccellente!
14.5 g
Provenienza (regione/città)
Sikhote Mountains Alin
Provenienza (paese)
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