Josef Rindskopf - - Pepita Glass - Vaso

Josef Rindskopf - - Pepita Glass - Vaso
Boemia - 1890-1919 - Vetro

"Josef Rindskopf'' Vase - Internally Inverted Thumbprint between 2 layers - Known as 'Pepita' form !

This vase has also been in our Private Collection for many years. A lot of research was done in order to get more information on the vase, through various channels. I've even contacted my 'Loetz Expert' in the USA, who contributes to the Loetz site and for a while we were all convinced that it was probably produced by Loetz, between 1900 -1905. We also learned, that we were mistaken (even experts make mistakes once in a while) and came to the conclusion after more research, that the date was right, but that the vase was actually created and handblown by the important Bohemian Glass maker, "Josef Rindskopf" ! Important to know, is that none of the thumbprints in the glass, can actually be felt, either on the outside, or inside. They are actually trapped between 2 layers of glass, in and outside, which makes the vase even more rare ! The thumbprint's vase official name or description, would be "Pepita" glass, which comes in different patterns. In any case, a very unusual vase which you will not see too often ! The vase also has a typical polished pontil mark and is in perfect 'Mint' condition. No cracks, no fleabites, only a few air bubbles in the glass. The size is: 12 cm. H. X 12 cm. W. - A real collectors item, for the advanced collector !

Dettagli lotto
Designer / Artista
Josef Rindskopf
- Pepita Glass
Modello / nome
'Pepita' Inverted Thumbrint
Art Nouveau
Epoca stimata
Paese d’origine
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
12×12×12 cm
460 g
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