Vaso arcaistico - Spinaci Green Jade - Cina - Inizio XX secolo

Vaso arcaistico - Spinaci Green Jade - Cina - Inizio XX secolo
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione - 23×0×0 cm

Provenance: From an old British private collection.

This lot comes from the private collection of Mr. J. Bahamonde who over a period of 20 years acquired his collection from various prestigious dealers. His degree in archaeology from one of the best British universities and passion for Chinese art is reflected in this beautiful jade carving.

The deep hollowed vase carved with archaistic motifs and beast handles, a phoenix bird on the cover and a jue ritual vessel on top of a rocky outcrop, fixed wood stand.

Height (excluding stand): 23 cm.

Condition: Very good overall, the stone with natural mineralisation of veins, lighter and darker inclusions which are expected from jade. The jade inspected throughout with UV light; very tiny chips on the tips of the phoenix wings and beak professionally restored.

Dettagli lotto
Vaso arcaistico
Spinaci Green Jade
Inizio XX secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione
23×0×0 cm
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