Uquilair - libro - Locomotive elettriche serie NS 1200 - Henk Bouman

Uquilair - libro - Locomotive elettriche serie NS 1200 - Henk Bouman
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Uquilair - Electric locomotives NS-series 1200 - Henk Bouman

Title: Elektrische locomotieven NS-serie 1200
Author: Henk Bouman
Publisher: Uquilair
ISBN: 9071513297

Highly sought-after and by now a rare book.

Description: What is the similarity between an electric locomotive of the 1200 series and the French TGV? Why were only 25 copies produced of the 1200 series, and not 75? Why does the 1200 series has its roots in the United States, not in England?

This books answers these questions. It describes the history of the electric locomotives of the 1200 series of the Dutch Railways. Heemaf was the main contractor, and the design of the electrical part came from the Westinghouse Electrical Corporation in Pittsburgh. The mechanical part was mainly defined by Baldwin in Philadelphia. The bogies were made as sway bogies and the traction motors were mounted in the bogie frame with nose imposition. The 1200 series was built in the Werkspoor factory in Utrecht, The Netherlands where Heemaf mounted the electrical part. Between 1951 and 1953, 25 locomotives were delivered to the NS (Dutch Railways).. With the striking and sturdy American look, the 1200 series quickly became the symbol of post-war innovation and progress in the world of railways. Its great driving comfort also made the 1200 very popular among train drivers.
The 1200 was made as a universal locomotive. During the 1950s and 1960s, the 1200 was used for both passenger trains and freight trains, with a slight emphasis on freight carriages. At the time, the 1200 became well-known for the coal trains and oil trains.
The Spoorslag '70 services entailed a significant upgrade for the robust 1200 series, which from that point on would be used as a passenger train almost exclusively. During the 1970s, the 1200 series travelled a record number of kilometres with Plan E carriages in the train series 800/900 Zandvoort-Maastricht/Heerlen.

In the late 1970s, it was decided to renovate the 1200 series locomotives, so they could be used for another thirteen years. Between 1978-1983, the locomotives returned reborn from the main workshop in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
The entry of the 1600 series in the 1980s caused for a diminishing of the dominant position of the 1200 in the train series 800/900 and resulted in relocation to other trajectories. And even though the kilometre performances of the renovated locomotives turned out lower than before, the 1200s were still mostly used in passenger services.
Halfway the 1990s, the corporatisation of the Dutch Railways led to the establishment of the organisation called NS Cargo, which was given control over the remaining units of the 1200 series. This meant that the 1200 would spent its last years as a freight train locomotive.

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Locomotive elettriche serie NS 1200 - Henk Bouman
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