Antico Egitto Terracotta Concubina per Tomba - 11×2×3 cm

Antico Egitto Terracotta Concubina per Tomba - 11×2×3 cm
1070 - 656 a.C. - Egitto - Egitto

Concubine figurine for the tomb. it was given along with girls that died young in order to make them complete as they did not attain sexual maturity yet. Also found in other tombs as it was an object that "imagined" eros and thus rebirth )
The Third Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt began with the death of Pharaoh Ramesses XI in 1070 BC, which ended the New Kingdom, and was eventually followed by the Late Period.

Mounted on stand

Pictures are important part of the decription.

From private collector with hand writed declaration of property included.

Insured shipping and proper packaging.

Provenance information:
Inherited by the current owner in 1944 in Italy
From: his father
Previous ownership history, collected since 1936

The seller guarantees that he acquired this piece according to all national and international laws related to the ownership of cultural property. Provenance statement seen by Catawiki.
The seller will take care that any necessary permits, like an export license will be arranged, he will inform the buyer about the status of it if this takes more than a few days.

Dettagli lotto
Antico Egitto
Concubina per Tomba
11×2×3 cm
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
1070 - 656 a.C. - Egitto
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