Taylor - Taylor 912C (1995) - Chitarra occidentale - Stati Uniti d'America - 1995

Taylor - Taylor 912C (1995) - Chitarra occidentale - Stati Uniti d'America - 1995
Pari al nuovo - Numero di oggetti: 2 - Inclusi: Chitarra occidentale - Custodia rigida

Top shelf collector’s item! Offered from a private collection: the flagship of the Taylor series, the 900 series, and also from the best years: the so-called. "Golden Era of Taylor" because of the very high quality of the guitars of the time. The top is made of Engelmann Spruce, the guitar has a beautiful sound box made of fine rosewood. The back and sides of this Taylor are made of the very special rosewood. Everything is, of course, solid. The mother-of-pearl inlay is more beautiful in colour than that of the current Taylor's. The neck is in one piece, beautifully coloured mahogany and feels nicer than with current guitars. The bridge and fretboard are made of ebony. The headstock veneer is rosewood. Fretboard inlays with Taylor's "Cindy" design, named after Robert's wife, (Bob in the USA) Taylor. Beautiful deep sound!
Because the guitar is virtually unused, it does not have any fret wear and no damage. The guitar comes with the original - and also undamaged - Taylor case. One-time class and therefore a one-time opportunity to become the new owner of this top guitar.

Dettagli lotto
Taylor 912C (1995)
Tipo di strumento/ Oggetto
Chitarra occidentale
Paese di origine
Stati Uniti d'America
Anno di fabbricazione
Pari al nuovo
Numero di articoli
Custodia rigida
Serial Number
Palissandro, palissandro e abete Engelmann
2 kg
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