Philips - BF 211 U - Radio

Philips - BF 211 U - Radio
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The radio works (see slit up PHILIPS logo in the pictures) and is 100% original!

Manufacturer: PHILIPS
Model: BF 211 U
Year: 1951

Radio of medium size manufactured by PHILIPS: model BF 211 U from 1951.
The case is made of bakelite: a beautiful dark brown colour with a marbled and shiny appearance.
The housing has 1 damaged spot: a crack at the bottom right.
The canvas of the front panel is beautiful and free of stains and dust.
The names of the radio stations are clearly legible.

The radio plays on the golf bands LW, MW, SW.
The left knob is for control of the volume and also as an on/off switch
The right knob consists of a switch for wavelength selector (LW, MW, SW) and a button to tune the radio transmitter.
The radio works on 110/220 volts
Tube setting: UCH42 / UF41 / UBC41 / UL41 / UY41

An antenna of 3 or 4 meters should be used as an antenna to correctly tune the stations.

Dimensions: 27 cm wide, 19 cm high and 15 cm deep,
Weight: 2.3 kg.

The radio will be very well packaged with double wall and registered.

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BF 211 U
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2.3 kg
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