Bracciale in meteorite Muonionalusta - 80.8 g

Bracciale in meteorite Muonionalusta - 80.8 g
Muonionalusta, Svezia

Muonionalusta bracelet…

Size of each bead: 9.7 x 5 mm.

Weight: 80.8 grams.

The first one was discovered in 1906 by two children who were tending cattle near the village of Kitkiöjärvi, as they were having fun kicking stones to kill time, the foot of one of the children hit a heavy and rusty object.
They took out the iron and brought it home with them. It was later identified as an iron meteorite and was described by Högbom (1910) as Muonionalusta.

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Dettagli lotto
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Bracciale in meteorite Muonionalusta
80.8 g
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