Antico Greco Bronzo Elmo calcidico

Antico Greco Bronzo Elmo calcidico
siglos V-IV a.C.

Chalcidic Helmet; Magna Graecia, 5th-4th centuries B.C.
Attached X-ray test from SGS Tecnos lab.
It has restoration in the front area.

Dimensions: 38 x 13 x 27 cm

Greek bronze helmet of the Corinthian-Chalcidic type, which is in a very good condition. It is an example of the military technological evolution of classical antiquity. This type of Greek helmet was popular in Greece during the 5th-4th centuries BC, as well as in the southern areas of Greece, which were colonised by the Greeks. The chalcidic helmet takes its name from the Greek city Chalcis. Its typology appears to have been a development of the Corinthian helmet, but with improvements in design that gave the user greater hearing and vision, resulting in a lighter and less bulky helmet typology. The helmet would commonly have a hole drilled in each cheek piece or elsewhere to attach an inner lining that was made of leather and ornaments like horsehair crests used to sport the top. In Alexander the Great's time, heavy infantrymen still wore this type of helmet, especially hoplites.

It is believed that the attic helmet was developed from it, with similar characteristics although usually with a greater ornamentation in bronze and without protection for the nose. The nape guard that continues on the sides, offers in these a deep arched cutout for the earlobes and in front of them, paragnatides or cheeks of rounded, forward curved shape that are mobile, thanks to hinges formed by a sheet folded on itself that embraces the plate of the helmet and that are fixed by means of rivets. These cheeks are the main characteristics of this type of helmet and in turn had the primary function of attaching it to the head of the soldier, tying them together using a leather cord or tie.

Purchased by current owner in 2018 in London UK from an art gallery, previous, private collection owned before 80's.

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Antico Greco
Elmo calcidico
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
siglos V-IV a.C.
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