Jan Knikker junior (1911-1990) - Stadspoort met uitzicht op water

Jan Knikker junior (1911-1990) - Stadspoort met uitzicht op water
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano - jaren 50

Beautiful oil painting by Jan Knikker Junior (1911-1990). Including original frame. This painting comes from an inheritance with several works by painters from the Hague School.

Jan Knikker worked in the style of the Hague school. He worked mainly on commission and for art dealers. It is signed but not dated. Given the dating of the other paintings (including J.H. Doeleman) in the collection, it is possibly from 1950s or even earlier.

Frame is missing two corners, these are still present and are included.

Dettagli lotto
jaren 50
Jan Knikker junior (1911-1990)
Titolo dell'opera
Stadspoort met uitzicht op water
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
In buone condizioni generali con tracce di invecchiamento
Vendita con cornice
2 kg
Dimensioni dell’immagine
38×49 cm
Dimensioni totali
60×6×70 cm
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