Antico Greco Ceramica Lekythos

Antico Greco Ceramica Lekythos
siglo IV a.C.

Lekanis; Apulia, Magna Graecia, 4th-3rd centuries B.C..

Black ceramic and red figures.

Dimensions: 9 x 8,5 cm

Lekanis is a ceramic typology of Ancient Greece that was used during the marriage rites, as part of the dowry that the father gave to the bride. It is a low glass, with a ring base and, generally, two horizontal handles on the sides of the mouth. This was moulded to accommodate the lid, which forms a continuous wall. In this case the piece is covered by black varnish on the foot. The body and the lid, on the other hand, appear richly decorated with the red figure technique, including white details. This decoration includes the representation of a female head in profile, richly adorned, possibly related to the figure of the bride. This head is surrounded by large palmettes.

Red figured pottery was one of the most important figurative styles of Greek pottery. It was developed in Athens ca. 530 BC, and was used until the 3rd century BC. It replaced the previous predominant style of black figure pottery after a few decades. The technical basis was the same in both cases, but in the red figures the colour is inverted, the figures being highlighted on a dark background, as if they were illuminated by a theatrical light, following a more natural scheme. Painters working with black figures were forced to keep the motifs well separated from each other and to limit the complexity of the illustration. In contrast, the red figure technique allowed greater freedom. Each figure was silhouetted against a black background, allowing painters to portray anatomical details with more accuracy and variety.

Origin: Bought at auction in Germany in 2019; Former Matthias Steinhausen collection, Germany, acquired in 1994 from the Cologne coin office Tyll Kroha; acquired from Aloys Faust, Cologne, in 1984; acquired from Katebi, Cologne, from 1970 to 1980; acquired in 1986 from Antonio Krings - Antiques, Colonia.

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siglo IV a.C.
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