El Pez - MTN 20th Anniversary

El Pez - MTN 20th Anniversary
Prima bomboletta spray - Timbro della galleria - 2019

This limited edition bomb comes to celebrate his twenty-year career.

Montana Colors dedicates a bombshell from the 2019 limited edition series.

The design of the spray paint can is lithographed, i.e., printed directly on the metal and not affixed to a simple paper label.

This model is produced in a limited edition of 500 copies stamped by the artist.
Each spray paint can is sold in a wooden box with display window, enough to satisfy the most demanding collectors.
Barcelona's Pez, whose real name is Jose Sabate Barcelona, started drawing his smiling fish in 1999. He quickly realised that it was a good way to convey good positive vibes to the inhabitants of the Catalan metropolis. After a few years of practice, it's time for him to expand his universe, so he goes to spread those smiles on the walls of the planet to reach an even wider audience.

Over the years this fish has become his absolute alter-ego and he is present in all his compositions. Pez's work combines classic graffiti with the world of mass popular culture.

Do not make an offer outside the European Union, I will not be able to send

Dettagli lotto
El Pez
Titolo dell'opera
MTN 20th Anniversary
Prima bomboletta spray
Timbro della galleria
Dimensioni dell’immagine
30×8 cm
Venduto con cornice
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