Bristol Raffle - Give a Sh*t - Ticket

Bristol Raffle - Give a Sh*t - Ticket
Serigrafia - Non firmato - Edizione limitata - 2019

Bristol Homelessness charity event raffle ticket

Just before Christmas 2019 a spectacular Banksy artwork appeared in Birmingham. A local homeless man was filmed sleeping on a bench and Banksy had painted the walls around him.

Soon after this appeared, on the 12 of December, a benefit party took place to raise awareness around the subject of homelessness in the city. This was called the 'Give a Sh*t' gig.

At this event various bits of merchandise were sold featuring the new iconic design. There was also a raffle to enter. If you entered the raffle you were given one of these numbered tickets.

There was no official notification that the event was organised by Banksy's team, however according to the Bristol B24/7 review "Even if you win nothing, this was your best chance and perhaps only chance to blag a limited numbered print by arguably the world's most famous living artist".

Each one has a unique number, and are small prints in their own right. But with some debate and no certainty that Banksy was in fact behind the design, I'm auctioning this as is.

Printed on thick card, this will look amazing framed and is an interesting piece of history.

Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.4 cms

Numbered 622

Worldwide shipping, sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery service or Royal Mail International signed for.

Dettagli lotto
Bristol Raffle
Titolo dell'opera
Give a Sh*t - Ticket
Non firmato
Edizione limitata
Come nuovo
Dimensioni dell’immagine
14.8×10.4 cm
Venduto con cornice
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