Jef Aerosol X BBC - Get closer

Jef Aerosol X BBC - Get closer
Vinile e CD - Firmato su lastra - 500 - 2013

Jef Aerosol (Street Art)

- Exclusive pouch
- 33T BBC vinyl + CD (new)
- Limited Edition (500)

Exclusive pouch, artwork by Jef Aerosol.

Pouch made from a unique stencil (not marketed).

The vinyl and CD are new and delivered under plastic (sealed CD and vinyl).

BBC is a French trio created in 2002 in Rouen (with 2 ex Tweedt, one of the cult bands of the French Revival Mod).
Label: Closer Records - 2013 - Album: " Get Closer ". (Vinyl LP + CD).

Edition limited of 500 albums only, no reissues. Sold out.

Biography of Jef Aerosol:

Jean-François Perroy, better known under the pseudonym Jef Aérosol, was born in Nantes on 15 January 1957. He is a French stencil artist from the first ‘Street Art’ wave (urban art) of early 1980s

He painted his first stencil in Tours in 1982. He remains one of the pioneers and leaders of this ephemeral art. Many younger artists draw on his influence.

Jef often creates portraits of personalities such as Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Lennon, Hendrix, Basquiat, Amalia Rodrigues, Dylan... but much of his work is devoted to the anonymous of the street: musicians, passers-by, beggars, children whose life-size silhouettes he paints in black and white, always highlighted by his famous and mysterious red arrow, the second signature and "trademark" of the artist.

Jef Aerosol has painted on the walls of many cities: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Isle of Ré, Orleans, Tours, London, Lisbon, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Chicago, New York, Brussels, Zurich, Beijing, Tokyo, Palermo, Dublin, Belfast, Ljubljana... He even glued his now legendary Sitting Kid on the Great Wall of China
Keywords: Street Art / Graffiti / Koons / Serigraphy / Print / OBEY / Shepard Fairey / DZIA / Dan 23 / Cranio / keit Haring / Andy Wahrol / Mr Brainwash BANKSY / Space Invader Kit / JR / Jeff Aerosol / COPE2 / C215 / Pichiavo / Futura2000 / Vhils / Sandra Chevrier / Handiedan / Chuck Sperry / Original / Pierre Soulages / Dismaland / Borondo / Btoy / Bom-K / D * Face / Danhôo / David de la Mano / Ethos / Inti / Maye / M-City / Levalet / Orticanoodles / Pantonio / Saner / Seth / Shoof / Tristan Eaton / BustArt / Tomi Ungerer / lithography.

Dettagli lotto
Jef Aerosol X BBC
Titolo dell'opera
Get closer
Vinile e CD
Firmato su lastra
Dimensioni dell’immagine
31×31 cm
Venduto con cornice
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