Bustart - Hello My Name Is Bust

Bustart - Hello My Name Is Bust
Litografia - Firmato a mano, Rilievo manuale + timbro cieco + COA - 10 - 2019

Hello My Name Is Bust by BUSTART

Rare - Edition of 10 - Exhausted

Hand-enhanced with a signature Bustart tag

Sold with its certificate of authenticity.

Bustart is a Swiss urban artist from Basel. His technical field is focused on freehand work, sometimes supported by stencils. From the beginning, his motivation was to paint for the people. Sharing inspiration with everyone is the main goal of his art. BustArt always wants to be true to this maxim. In 1999, BustArt began its artistic career with classical graffiti. Until 2005, he was heavily involved in the entire spectrum of graffiti and reached a new level of identification with various facets of the subculture. In addition to Graffiti's classic works, he began to combine letters with cartoon characters, leading his art to more figurative works. Stickers, stencils and posters during his travels across Europe inspired him for his artistic development. BustArt has adopted a new range of techniques and skills that have enabled new patterns, statements and street art experiences to be realized. Communicating with people through street art has become a mission. A mission that surprises passers-by, encourages them to think and share their love for colorful urban spaces. Travelling and seeing the world was another motivation for Bustart. He has left his mark all over the world: New York, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Marseille, Amsterdam and many others. In 2013, BustArt and its partner Zaira completed the "City" project. Together, they cut more than 250 stencils. With this method, they created more than 30 individual and imaginative cities. Various patterns combined in a collage style have created a new image. This evolution of the cut-and-paste has paved the way for the new BustArt style since 2014: pop graffiti. The combination of pop art, classical graffiti, cartoon characters and color effects has led to the emergence of BustArt's own compositions, which has allowed it to reach a new level in its artistic evolution. BustArt's permanent companions combine techniques, styles and designs.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Hello My Name Is Bust
Firmato a mano, Rilievo manuale + timbro cieco + COA
Dimensioni dell’immagine
42×60 cm
Venduto con cornice
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