Preistorico, Paleolitico Quarzite Biface - Ascia a mano in pietra originale - 2×7×12 cm - (1)

Preistorico, Paleolitico Quarzite Biface - Ascia a mano in pietra originale - 2×7×12 cm - (1)
950.000 - Marocco

Roughly finished hand ax from the ancient Saharan Homo erectus tribes that used to live in the time the area still had water and large game to hunt. They lived in a very different landscape as today with much more animals and competition with other tribes.

Early two-sided use type, intensively used piece, rough technique, nice pale desert patina. Perfect condition. Massive piece that would require a very very strong ancestor to be able to use this one hand tool.

Collectors item originating from a very strong and successful ancestral tribe!

Estimated 8500.000-990.000 y old.

The Supplier warrants that is has obtained this lot in a legal manner.
Originating from an old Belgian collection. Seller guarantees to be permitted to ship this lot internationally and will take care of necessary paperwork if needed.

Purchased by the current owner on Gem and Mineral Fair in 2009
Collected since: 1969
Previous owners history: private collector since 1963

The seller can prove that the lot was obtained legally, provenance statement seen by Catawiki.

Important information.
The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot.
The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged.
The seller will inform the buyer about this, if it takes more than a few days

Dettagli lotto
Preistorico, Paleolitico
Numero di oggetti
Biface - Ascia a mano in pietra originale
2×7×12 cm
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
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