Paleolitico antico Osso Afontova Gora (Cultura) Artefatti RARITÀ! - (9)

Paleolitico antico Osso Afontova Gora (Cultura) Artefatti RARITÀ! - (9)
15000 - 11000 v. Chr. - Russia

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Rarity! Typical tools of the Old Palaeolithic Afontova culture

Exactly as shown on the following website.

Consisting of:

1 joint bone of a slain animal
1 bone arrowhead
3 spatulas
4 Silex blades / scrapers

A rarity!

Length: 11 cm - 5 cm

Afontova Gora is a complex of late Palaeolithic Siberian archaeological sites on the left bank of the Yenisei river near the town of Krasnoyarsk in Russia. Afontova Gora has cultural and genetic connections to the people of Mal'ta-Buret. The complex was first excavated in 1884 by I. T. Savenkov.

Provenance: Old collection from Germany
Collection Dr. Dirk Molder, Germany
Discovered at: Yenisei Russia

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Dettagli lotto
Paleolitico antico
Numero di oggetti
Afontova Gora (Cultura) Artefatti RARITÀ!
Secolo / Intervallo di tempo
15000 - 11000 v. Chr.
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