Banksy - Di-Faced Tenner Authenticated by Steve Lazarides

Banksy - Di-Faced Tenner Authenticated by Steve Lazarides
Litografia - Timbro dell'artista, Lettera di provenienza - Edizione limitata - 2004

Banksy strictly limited edition Di-Faced Tenner from the private collection of his former manager and agent, comes complete with a hand signed letter of provenance from Steve Lazarides with matching holographic serial number on both the rear of the frame and the letter.

Sold out in a heartbeat on release.

Mint condition and never displayed, completely sold out and a fantastic investment of this famous Banksy artwork depicting Princess Diana instead of the Queen of England.

Offset lithograph produced in 2004, Tenner size 80mm x 150mm

Framed size 200mm x 270mm and framed professionally by ROOQ Fine Art Framing, New York in an archival double-sided frame with UV plexiglass ready to hang.

Steve Lazarides represented Banksy in his early years and was originally his driver, he catapulted his art into the public spotlight.

The Di-Faced Tenner was originally created for a public stunt Banksy had orchestrated involving dropping a suitcase full of the fake currency in public during the rush hour at Liverpool Tube Station in London and at the Notting Hill Carnival and Reading Festival, it is also Banksy first piece of art to be entered into the British Museum Private Collection earlier this year.

100% genuine with impeccable provenance.

Sent tracked, fully insured and signed for.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Di-Faced Tenner Authenticated by Steve Lazarides
Lettera di provenienza, Timbro dell'artista
Edizione limitata
Dimensioni dell’immagine
8×15 cm
Dimensioni totali
20×27×2 cm
Venduto con cornice
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