Ad van Hoof - "Landschap"

Ad van Hoof - "Landschap"
Acrilico su tela - Non firmato, Certificato di autenticità

Landscape with burgundy, turquoise, and yellow stripes.

Ad van Hoof (Vught, 1945 – Nijmegen, 2017). See also his website,, for more information about this artist. Ad van Hoof is also registered in the RKD – Dutch Institute of Art History, see

Ad van Hoof regularly exhibited in various galleries and was involved in the Beam exhibition space in Nijmegen in the late 1990s- 2004. Last summer one of his works of art was on display in the Valkhof museum. Van Hoof made works of art on canvases and panels with particular attention to the three-dimensional aspect and the light fall in landscape performances. Gradually these abstract compositions became embossed without recognizable representation, where the viewer can experience the play of floodlight, caused by the incident daylight over the cavities and bulges of the reliefs that sometimes suggest mountains and valleys.

Comes with certificate of Authenticity, signed by the heirs of Aad van Hoof. Delivery might be possible in consultation.

Dettagli lotto
Ad van Hoof
Titolo dell'opera
Acrilico su tela
Certificato di autenticità, Non firmato
Dimensioni dell’immagine
61×70 cm
Venduto con cornice
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