Jules de Roeper (1914) - Maria met kindje Jezus

Jules de Roeper (1914) - Maria met kindje Jezus
Olio su pannello - Firmato a mano - 1940

Jules de Roeper is sculptor, ceramist, painter born on 1914-10-08 in Nijmegen.

In 1960, the artists Jules de Roeper, Jan Koenen and Huub Gommans took the initiative for an exhibition where work by the Plasmolen artists together with that of the younger generation could be seen. Successful exhibitions with this concept took place annually until 1966. The desire for a private pavilion for these exhibitions resulted in a Cultural Creative Center, which was built in 1973 with many subsidies.

The image of Mary and baby Jesus shows the artist's skills. On the back is a start of a drawing of the Stevenskerk.

The painting comes from a private collection.

Dettagli lotto
Jules de Roeper (1914)
Titolo dell'opera
Maria met kindje Jezus
Olio su pannello
Firmato a mano
In discrete condizioni generali
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
78×43.5 cm
Dimensioni totali
83.5×4×48.5 cm
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