Henri Stenn - Portrait de jeune femme

Henri Stenn - Portrait de jeune femme
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano

Henri STENN 1903-1993

Belgian Painter - Painter of Montmartre...

Painting Size: Width: 38 cm x Height: 46 cm


Portrait of a young woman

Signed bottom right, see the various photos...
No doubt about the authenticity.


Born in 1903 in Brugges died in 1993

Henri Steen was not strictly speaking a painter in Montmartre.
However, he frequented the Butte a lot, especially the estaminets at one time; he regularly came to his father Charles Verbrugghe's house on Rue Philippe de Girard.

His style and subjects were very similar to those of his father, who taught him painting.
Coming to his home in Stains every weekend, Charles retouch his son's works to the point where it became difficult to distinguish them.

It is necessary to do this justice to Henry that he was never tempted to pass his works on to those of his father.
That's why he took the pseudonym Steen, after a famous 17th-century Flemish painter.
When Charles died in 1975, Steen's works differed from those of his father, who no longer touched them.
On the other hand, another painter signed Henri Verbrugghe in such a way that their two signatures were confused, which is why a number of these paintings are being sold for sale by Charles Verbrugghe.

Nevertheless, they are distinguished by a great difference in quality and touches.

Closed Akoun "the painter's rating" of 5700 euros

Closed Artprice with more than 140 sales

Closed by Gerald Schurr in "The Argus Guide to Painting":
... Firm courses on all its water landscapes in the clear and sonic lineage of the impressionists...

Closed in "the dictionary of Montmartre painters"

STEEN Henri dit Henri VERBRUGGHE dit Henri STENN

Dettagli lotto
Henri Stenn
Titolo dell'opera
Portrait de jeune femme
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni dell’immagine
46×38 cm
Venduto con cornice
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