Tibor Nagy - Ghost town - Ciudad fantasma

Tibor Nagy - Ghost town - Ciudad fantasma
Olio su pannello - 2012

Oil on panel.

Signed original

Tibor Nagy - Biography:
The paintings of Tibor Nagy are a testament to his dogged determination to clarify, to capture a vision informed by his life and his native land of Slovakia, by both the measurable and abstract.

Since Tibor started painting in oils, he has explored the mysterious terrain between what can be measured by physical senses and what can be perceived only by emotions. His paintings are his true personal confessions where the emphasis is put on the emotional context.

At the beginning of Tibor’s artistic journey, realism combined with abstraction was the direction which prevailed in his style. Later in the eighties he started to incline more toward surrealism, combined techniques and experimentation still searching for his own unique way of expression...

Dettagli lotto
Tibor Nagy
Titolo dell'opera
Ghost town - Ciudad fantasma
Olio su pannello
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni dell’immagine
35×35 cm
Dimensioni totali
35×1×35 cm
Venduto con cornice
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