Johan Herman Isings (1884-1979) - Studie voor gesprek met Nicodemus

Johan Herman Isings (1884-1979) - Studie voor gesprek met Nicodemus
Disegno a matita - Firmato a mano - 20e eeuw

Johan Herman Isings; famous for the beautiful school plates.

An unexpected FIND of one of the best Dutch illustrators, a pencil drawing titled:
study for ,, Gesprek met Nicodemus ,, and signed on the bottom right with Isings.

The drawing is in great condition with some brown spots in the top left corner but without affecting the image.

This seems to be an UNKNOWN piece.
Then; the back of this drawing shows another illustration by Isings and was probably done in crayon? This is also a biblical figure.

The frame and the back are in good condition.

Dettagli lotto
Johan Herman Isings (1884-1979)
Titolo dell'opera
Studie voor gesprek met Nicodemus
20e eeuw
Disegno a matita
Firmato a mano
In discrete condizioni generali con tracce di invecchiamento
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
33×27 cm
Dimensioni totali
38×31×2 cm
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