Fender - PR520 - G-DEC - Stati Uniti d'America

Fender - PR520 - G-DEC - Stati Uniti d'America
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This small 15 watt modelling combo does not only feature great sounds, but is also a revolutionary tool for recording and practicing. It has no less than 22 realistic models of legendary Fender amplifiers and 37 studio quality effects. In addition, you can jam along to 76 backing tracks and loops of well-known artists. Your guitar playing can then be recorded as MP3 or WAV, so you can listen back or play along.

The amplifier models of the Fender G-Dec 3 Fifteen go from the classic Fender Tweed and Blackface amplifiers to the more modern British and Hot Rod. Whether you are playing sparkling country cleans, crunchy blues or high-gain metal, the G-Dec 3 Fifteen has the right sound for every genre. And if you are not good at creating your own sounds, then you can simply choose one of the 100 presets. With the Phrase Sampler, you can record guitar parts, not just once, but even multiple layers on top of each other. You can then export them to an SD card or to your computer via USB.

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